Serial To Fiber Converter

Serial To Fiber Converter

P/N: itt-se1812
Category: Media Convertor,

The itt-se1812 serial RS-232 to Fiber Media Converter is an inexpensive, no frills way to extend the distance between serial connections with the use of fiber optic cable. This converter supports full or half-duplex data transmission at speeds up to 120Kbps. Unit and Port LEDs allow for quick status information on the converter.

The itt-se1812 is a cost effective and highly integrated serial-to-Ethernet  Converter.  Support  10/100Mbps  Ethernet  and  the  serial  port support RTS/CTS handshake control signal.Use the software kit user can easily configure and find the device,even forgetthe IP address.This serial server can work very well in virtual serial mode,this is very convenience for  the  user’s  software  only  support  com  port.  SA-ETS420-1P  is  an industrial-strength network-based converter can help serial device with RS232/422/485 port  like CNC, PLC, weighting scale, scanner and other device access to the 10/100Mbps Ethernet network.

Link a remote terminal to a host computer: Connect multiple devices, such as security scanners, POS devices, remote terminals and building access/alarming systems to a host computer. Ideal for campus or business environments where remote devices can be networked in a point-to-point configuration where distances are greater than the 15 meter limitation of conventional copper serial cables.

  • RS-232/422/485 3 in 1 interface
  • Support 10/100Mbps Ethernet port
  • Supports 4-wire and 2-wire RS-485 work mode
  • Port base VLAN
  • Automatic data direction control on RS-485
  • Supports 24VDC industrial power supply
  • Automatic MDI/MDI-X configuration
  • Terminal block easily for RS-422/485 installation
  • Configure via webpage and windows utility


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