What is a Fiber Media Converter?

What is a Fiber Media Converter?

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If you want to know what is a fiber media converter you can have your answer here. So, what is a fiber media converter ? Media Converter is a device implemented as a transceiver which converts the electrical signal used in copper unshielded twisted pair (UTP) network cabling to light waved used for fiber optic cabling. It may link networks with coaxial cable and single-mode to multi-mode fiber optic cable.

Media converters connect different systems providing fast Ethernet Switching Network. In old systems, you can use the existing cabling by connecting coaxial cables to a media converter, then you should connect the media converter to the Ethernet switch.

Media Converters can be used everywhere, from Government to health centers and so on. It is needed every where and are a good alternative to old hubs and cablings. Now that you have the answer for what is a fiber media converter we can go on to its different types.


Types of fiber media converter

What is a fiber media converter? Media Converters are passive optical network devices. It may be Managed, unmanaged or Industrial.

In Managed Media converters, the configuration of the device is customizable and every administrator can set it according to his/her needs. Using these converters is simple and can be installed in less time. And It is more costly than the next type of media converters, i.e. unmanaged media converter. It provides network monitoring, fault detection and remote configuration of the system.

Unmanaged Media Converters cannot be customized by administrators’ needs. When unmanaged media converters are added to the network and linked to other devices, they usually communicate automatically. They are easy to use and install.

Media Converters can rate up to 10 G and have two modes. Media Converters Modes are: single mode Fiber and multi mode Fiber.

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